A serving Police Inspector from Warwickshire is championing the benefits of a different uniformed service as part of the upcoming Reserves Day and Armed Forces Day celebrations.

Lucy Sewell is a full-time Inspector at Warwickshire Police Force and also the Officer Commanding of 48 (City of Birmingham) Signal Squadron, an Army Reserve unit based in Birmingham, in her spare time.

Insp Sewell in uniform by a Police car She explained:  “I joined the Army Reserve at 19 years of age because I wanted a broader outlook on life, and was unsure whether I wanted to commit to the Army full-time.  I progressed through the ranks, and commissioned as a direct entry officer in 2003.”

Her role as a Reservist has seen her take on many unique learning opportunities and challenges, as well as travelling across the world.  As part of Adventurous Training exercises she was lucky enough to go trekking in Nepal, and has also deployed to Afghanistan for operational service.

Being able to pursue a career with the police whilst balancing her duties as a Reservist has been an incredible lifestyle for her: “It’s a brilliant way to build a dual career path where you could be doing one type of job in the week but doing something completely different at the weekend.

“My time spent in the Army Reserve has really benefited my police career.  It’s given me different perspectives and other ways to look at situations.  I have added confidence when managing critical incidents, commanding firearms incidents and working with a diverse range of people.”

“When I deployed to Afghanistan in 2012 it is the most austere and hostile environment I have ever worked in, it certainly developed my resilience and leadership skills.”

The support of Lucy’s employers has played a vital role in enabling her to achieve her best in both her civilian and military careers.

Two military reservists in military uniform by a Police carWarwickshire Police Force are committed to supporting members of the Armed Forces community, and actively promote the Reserve Forces within their workforce.  They currently employ a number of veterans and Reservists, both as serving police officers and police staff, and have a comprehensive HR policy in place to aid employees who are Armed Forces personnel.

Assistant Chief Constable Alex Franklin-Smith from Warwickshire Police Force commented: “As a force, we are proud to count a number of former serving members, Reservists and spouses as our employees, and we enormously value the skills and experience they bring.

“The leadership and management skills taught to Reservists closely match the skills required as a police officer.  The positive relationship between Warwickshire Police and the Armed Forces is crucial, as there are many transferable skills that both organisations can benefit from.”

To find out more about the joining the Army Reserve or how your organisation can work to support members of the Armed Forces in your workplace or local community, please look around our website or call 0121 427 5221.