All Cadet units share common ground in being youth organisations with training designed to promote teamwork, reliability and leadership with the goal of good citizenship. This is achieved through friendship, adventure and fun.

There are over 11,000 Cadets, including the Combined Cadet Force (CCF), from all three Services spread throughout the West Midlands. WM RFCA provides both financial and logistical support as well as assistance and encouragement in recruiting both Cadets and Adult Instructors.

Shropshire Army Cadet force on annual campo at Altcar Ranges Tamworth+LichfieldSCC-11 WarwickSchoolCCF-prepedforanAEF

Sea Cadet Corps (SCC) has 23 units with over 1,066 cadets. Dating back to 1854 the SCC aims to foster 10-18 year olds’ interest in all things nautical.  Each SCC is a registered charity with their general finance coming from the efforts of a civilian committee, whose remit is to raise funds for that unit.

Army Cadet Force (ACF) operates in four Sectors within the West Midlands: Hereford & Worcester, Shropshire, Staffordshire & West Midlands (North Sector) and Warwickshire & West Midlands (South Sector) with 110 detachments and over 2,900 Cadets. The activities of the ACF rely very much on the regular Army who provide much of their training support. WM RFCA is responsible for providing logistical and financial support including the provision and maintenance of accommodation and transport, as well as recruiting and financing over 30 permanent support staff.

Royal Air Force Air Cadets (RAFAC) is divided into three Wings with 85 squadrons and over 3,100 Cadets.  The RAFAC relies on training support from the RAF, with accommodation maintained by WM RFCA.

Combined Cadet Force (CCF) There are over 42 CCF contingents and over 3,900 Cadets in the West Midlands.  Their aim is “to provide a disciplined organisation in a school so that pupils may develop powers of leadership by means of training to promote the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance and perseverance”. WM RFCA is responsible for the maintenance and security of some of the CCF buildings.

All of the MOD Sponsored Cadet Forces are subject to a Safeguarding Framework which can be accessed at the following link: MOD Cadet Forces Safeguarding Framework