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What is the social impact and return on investment resulting from the expenditure on the Cadet Forces? Year 3 Interim Report

The Ministry of Defence (MoD), the Combined Cadet Force Association and CVQO have commissioned the Institute for Social Innovation and Impact at the University of Northampton to undertake a four-year study designed to help understand the social impact of the spending on cadets and the Cadet Expansion Programme, as well as the benefits of the qualifications provided by CVQO.

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Abstract from the University of Northampton website:

This is the third interim annual report from a four-year longitudinal study of the social impact resulting from the Ministry of Defence’s expenditure on cadets.

It presents the findings of the University of Northampton’s research team and is based on new data gathered and analysed since the second interim report of autumn 2018. Where relevant it builds on the findings of the first two interim reports.

It is based on a cumulative total of over 600 in-depth interviews and over 5,400 responses to questionnaires. The key themes covered by this report relate to the impact of a Combined Cadet Force (CCF) unit on academy schools; the effect of participation in the Cadet Forces on the wellbeing of young people; the impact on community cohesion that the Cadet Forces can have; how the development of self-efficacy through participation in the Cadet Forces is helping young people to be better citizens, while also reducing their levels of vulnerability; and the value of the adult volunteers that run the Cadet Forces, and the benefits they get from their volunteering.

The report uses calculations from Government sources to estimate the potential financial value of some of these themes.