Community Engagement

Our local footprint and standing means that we are ideally situated to promote the Armed Forces and Cadet movement.

One way of doing this is by organising, supporting and publicising events that bring the military and civilian populations together, in order to foster a wider and better understanding of the Armed Forces and a greater appreciation of service personnel. In practical terms there are many ways in which the military can engage with the local community. The Service Presentation Teams regularly visit the West Midlands supported by both our Association and the local chain of Command. Service Unit Commanders regularly attend key local events and representatives of the local civilian population are frequently invited to attend military events.

Community Engagement event

The Reserve Forces and Cadets are able to support community engagement with a consistent flow of ideas and initiatives to the community from which they come, and are in daily contact with. We also help ensure that news of the activities of the Reserve Forces and Cadets are featured in the local media.