Month of the Military Child logo.

Month of the Military child is an opportunity to celebrate the lives of Service children and their families, and their perceived resilience and achievements.

Originally launched in the US, month of the Military child is now growing momentum in the UK. It is led by the Education Policy Team (EPT), and has the backing of the Ministry of Defence, wider government and a multitude of supportive stakeholders. Many schools and early years providers are inviting Service parents into their settings, Military units are taking equipment for children to see, and there are stories being told.

The official flower for the month of the Military child, is the dandelion, as there is a correlation between the dandelion and the Service child. They are both hardy and put down roots wherever the wind takes them. They grow, develop and bloom in a variety of different climates, yet they are ready to fly off to new places when required.

The Education Policy Team is encouraging all families to promote Month of the Military Child in schools and early years settings.

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Published 08/04/2024