The leap of faithOver the summer more than 20 members of 4 MERCIAN HQ Company took part in adventure training at the Pioneer Centre near Wolverhampton. This opportunity was partially funded by West Midland Reserve Forces & Cadets Association and provided a great opportunity for team building, especially for the new recruits.

Private James Cooling tells us more about the day:

“The day started with the first challenge which was climbing up a very high pole with a small platform at the top. A few found it quite challenging to try to mount the platform, however once on top, there was only one way down – a leap of faith. This meant jumping and grabbing onto a trapeze bar which seemed quite far from the platform. Everyone had to put their trust in others who were holding their safety rope. ‘Encouragement’ at this stage was provided to all, and throughout the day with each activity.

Zip wire

“After some lunch we headed to the aerial trek which is an obstacle course 30ft high. For the course we were strapped into our harness and blindfolded, some already had past experiences of this and enjoyed it more than others. On top of all of this, we took part in abseiling, zip wire, climbing and the fan drop activities.

“Everyone got on and put all their effort into the tasks. It was a great team building day and I probably spoke more to the recruits and newly trained soldiers on that one day than I have done over the last 3 months. It was a great opportunity to develop an understanding of their personalities and strengths.

The crate tower challenge“Finally, we took part in a crate stack competition with the site record being 19. We ran out of time but our final number was 28. We left with a sense of achievement, knowing that every other group attempting this challenge after us, will leave disappointed having never reached our glorious record.”

4 MERCIAN is the Reserve Battalion of the Mercian Regiment and 1 MERCIAN and 2 MERCIAN are the regular Battalions. Find out more about the Mercian Regiment, the heart of England’s infantry.

This is only a small element of the adventure training available to Reservists, if you’re interested find out more about the Reserve Forces.




Published 05/10/2021