Unit members by their military vehicles in a snowy climate.Did you know that, as a Reservist, you can be deployed anywhere around the world?

Gunner Heseltine, an Army Reservist with 210 Battery, 103 Regiment RA based in Wolverhampton, has been a Reservist for just over three years.  In March this year he returned from a six-month deployment to Estonia for Op CABRIT – NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence in the Baltic States.

“Being deployed on Op CABRIT was a great experience, working with a different regiment, learning new techniques and tricks that have helped me grow as a soldier whilst I’ve been away. As you can see from the photographs, it was an extremely challenging environment but that made it a highly rewarding experience.

Military equipment setup in a snowy climmate.“My Reserve service doesn’t really affect my work life because I can slot in my commitments on weekends and evenings. Sometimes I do have to go away, like I did for Op CABRIT, but I bring back to the workplace transferable skills that help me in my career.

“What I enjoy most about being in the Army Reserve is that I love the comradeship that it provides. Making friends for life whilst learning skills that set you up for the life ahead.”

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Published 21/06/2022