Volunteers from Staffordshire and West Midlands (North Sector) Army Cadet Force came together at their county headquarters in MOD Stafford for a County Awards Day.

Recognising the achievements of their dedicated volunteers, the awards were presented to mark their outstanding commitment and service to the Army Cadet Force.

The Cadet Meritorious Certificate (recognising outstanding service) was presented to:

Staffordshire Army Cadet Force Volunteer 2Lt Dodd receives her certificate

  • Major Moody
  • Lieutenant Cork
  • Lieutenant Stevens
  • Lieutenant Dodd
  • Lieutenant Stevens
  • Second Lieutenant Sheldon
  • Sergeant Major Instructor Hurst
  • Staff Sergeant Instructor Kersey
  • Staff Sergeant Instructor McClearly
  • Staff Sergeant Instructor Hardy
  • Staff Sergeant Instructor Leavy
  • Staff Sergeant Instructor Swider
  • Staff Sergeant Instructor Singh
  • Sergeant Instructor Anderton

With some volunteers having served with the Army Cadet Force for many years, Major Moody, Major Easterbrook and Captain Smith were also awarded the Cadet Force Medal (CFM) to mark their 12 years of service.  Second Lieutenant Hopeton additionally received the First Clasp (marking 17 years of service).

Whilst they were unable to attend the presentation ceremony on the day, a number of awards and promotions have also been awarded to the following volunteers:

Staffordshire Army Cadet Force Volunteer SSI Singh receives his certificate

  • Captain Howes – 1st Clasp CFM
  • Regimental SMI Taylor – Beard Growing Comp
  • Sergeant Major Instructor Edwards – 2nd Clasp CFM
  • Sergeant Major Instructor Dugmore – CFM
  • Sergeant Major Instructor Godwin-Jones – 3rd Clasp CFM
  • Sergeant Major Instructor Mellor – CFM
  • Sergeant Major Instructor Brown-Day – CMC
  • Staff Cadet Godwin – promotion to Cadet Company Sergeant Major

Volunteers form a vital part of all of our cadet forces.  Without the support of the volunteers, the cadet forces would not be as enriching, or able to offer such a wide range of activities.

The volunteers not only help to keep our young people safe during activities under their supervision, but they help to develop the next generation of our young people, and often play a major part in positively changing the lives of youngsters from diverse backgrounds.

Staffordshire and West Midlands (North Sector) Army Cadet Force volunteers form part of the thousands of dedicated individuals who have chosen to help develop the Army Cadets in their community across the UK.

If you would like to do something productive and rewarding in your space time, volunteering could be exactly the opportunity you are looking for.  Find out more about how you could become a volunteer with Staffordshire and West Midlands (North Sector) Army Cadet Force.

Interested in learning more about the different cadet forces in our region? Take a look at our cadet forces info page.


Published 05/08/2021