painting of West Indian Soldier in military uniformOn 14th October West Midland RFCA hosted a webinar to celebrate Black History Month.  The keynote speaker at the event was Horace Barnes, Chairperson at Why Are West Indian (WAWI) project.  The WAWI Project is a voluntary organisation set up in 2009 to offer workshops to schools and to bring communities together.

The presentation by Horace Barnes covered some of the history of the West India Regiments and their involvement as an important part of the British Army in helping to expand the British Empire. There was an opportunity to watch footage of the victory parade that took place on 8th July 1946, when soldiers from across the British Empire arrived in London to take part in the official commemoration at the end of war in Europe.

Horace Barnes commented on the WAWI project and the work they do, “to bring communities together by promoting Caribbean Military contribution within the British Armed Forces, as well as highlight the integral role the Caribbean community played in the rebuilding of post war Britain.”

“We believe education is paramount to changing perceptions and it is only by giving our children a history to be proud of will give them a future to believe in. By engaging with a cross section of communities we provide audiences with a fresh and engaging exchange of dialogue; where learning and active participation is welcomed and encouraged.”

To find out more about the work that WAWI do please visit –