St John’s Ambulance have been working hard nationally throughout the pandemic and are now training over 30,000 volunteers to help deliver the national vaccination programme.

Loaned Resusci Anne's all lined upAs part of the training provided, St John’s Ambulance require the use of Resusci Anne training aids. At the end of January 2021 the West Midlands branch put a plea out to borrow more of these trainings aids from other organisations, so that they could meet the training requirements.

The Commandant of Warwickshire and West Midlands (South Sector) Army Cadet Force (ACF), Col Emerson Holder TD VR, has been very pleased to be able to support St John’s Ambulance in their mission by loaning them fifteen Resusci Anne training aids.

The training aids are on loan for 8 – 10 weeks and will help with the training of chest compressions, making sure airways are clear, training on defibrillators, and more.

Warwickshire & West Midlands ACF commented on Facebook, “It is of vital importance that we all work together in common cause to reduce the spread of the virus and thus bring closer the day when we can join together again for face to face training.

“First aid is an important facet of the training syllabus for the Army Cadets and we are very pleased that once again we have been able to play our part. Particular thanks go to the Quartermaster, the Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant and Sergeant Major Instructor Sweet for collecting, preparing and disinfecting the dolls ready for handover.”

Christopher Houghton, District Manager of West Midlands Branch St John’s Ambulance remarked, “St. John’s Ambulance is currently delivering training at dozens of training centres every weekend as we train and deploy over 30,000 vaccination volunteers to support the NHS delivering the COVID vaccine.  Without the support of our colleagues from Warwickshire & West Midlands Army Cadet Force with the loan of Resusci Anne there would have been a severe delay in our response to supporting the NHS.”

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Published 03/03/2021